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Kinetic Technologies, Inc. (K-Tec) is a multi-million dollar designer and manufacturer of forklift free systems. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, it serves markets throughout the United States and Canada. Larry Tyler, President, and John Neumann, Chief Operating Officer, founded K-Tec with the belief that they could offer better solutions to manufacturers' forklift free material handling needs. With more than 60 years of customer service, engineering and manufacturing experience between them, they understood that paying attention to ergonomic and safety details at the human interface while providing higher orders of functionality with industrial carts, material handling lifts and conveyors would create a much improved approach.What continues to make K-Tec different is the engineering consulting time invested with customers, initially digging deeply into handling issues before offering an -engineered to order (ETO)- solution. Solutions must easily integrate with other critical pieces of the forklift free system and conform to ergonomic and safety guidelines.
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Kinetic Technologies
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(440) 943-4111

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