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Google Analytics Goals Reporting

Published By: Pure Visibility, Inc.
Pure Visibility, Inc.
Published:  Sep 08, 2008
Length:  5 pages

For marketing managers and business owners, understanding how Online marketing and your Web presence impact the bottom line is critical. Even more important, setting specific goals around the attraction and conversation of Web traffic is a strategic means of aligning online activities with offline marketing in a way that puts the business goals in the front and center of your marketing efforts. Google Analytics is a powerful and continuously upgraded tool allowing you to make sense of all your accumulated user data. The best of these features allow you to increase reporting and analysis efficiency by allowing goal definition and tracking. The goal of this document is to provide easy-to-use documentation on a few of the key features related to goal tracking. Every business wants to understand what's working in their online marketing efforts. Google Analytics the key to that understanding.

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