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Increasing IT Flexibility with IBM WebSphere ESB Software.

Published By: IBM
Published:  Oct 09, 2009
Length:  20 pages

To encourage business growth while keeping costs in check, many companies are searching for ways toincrease the flexibility and reuse of their existing IT assets. Service oriented architecture (SOA) offers ameans to define services that represent a repeatable task, such as "check customer account," using well-defined, standards-based interfaces. An enterprise service bus (ESB) provides a flexible connectivity infrastructure that provides service enrichment on a messaging transport layer. This enables integration ofthe services and applications within an SOA. When implementing ESB messaging, there needs to be amessaging backbone that provides reliable application integration-capable of passing messages between applications and Web services. It should provide queuing and transactional facilities to help reduce the riskof information loss, and should preserve the integrity and durability of messages throughout the network.While transport capabilities provided by a messaging backbone are pivotal to an ESB is, this white paper focuses on how you can take advantage of the service-enrichment benefits offered by an ESB using IBM WebSphereEnterprise Service Bus (WebSphere ESB) software.

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