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Building Online Communities

Published By: Jive Software
Jive Software
Published:  Mar 03, 2010
Length:  13 pages

The social web has created a shift in how companies are marketing to their consumers. Brand affinity is the holy grail of marketing departments. But how can you reach that level of devotion in your customer base? Instead of marketing to your customers, let your customers talk to you. Have them tell you what they want instead of you telling them what they should have. Marketers are shifting their focus from media and technology to the conversations taking place on the social web. Social Business Software allows them to capture these conversations by providing the framework in which they take place. Creating an environment of participation provides an opportunity for you to support multiple conversations at varying levels of engagement, reaching both a target audience and their extended social network. This white paper will provide a framework for creating these types of environments to help facilitate the conversations, as well as guidance around how to apply that content to transform your organization.

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