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What Most Backup Vendors Don't Want You to Know

Published By: Unitrends
Published:  Jun 29, 2010
Length:  5 pages

There are always a few "secrets" in any industry - and the backup and restore business has its share. Our secrets are widely known within the industry but are less well-known outside of it - for the obvious reason that none of these secrets helps the majority of the vendors in this space. These secrets are > The cost of backup software is a fraction of what you're going to spend. > When something goes wrong, the costs of finger-pointing are enormous. > Online backup is an unbelievably slow recovery medium. > Per-client and upgrade fees are the cash cow of the industry. > If you don't protect all of your notebooks and PCs, you are risking some of your most important data. > Tape is a great backup medium but a lousy restore medium. > Putting your backup software on a Windows server means that you are at risk for all those computer viruses against which you're trying to protect your environment. > Supporting heterogeneous environments is a commitment; not an afterthought. > Replication requires either expensive dedicated hardware or a lot of resource.

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